Fair Trade Cashmere

FTC® stands for Fair Trade Cashmere and a positive attitude towards life. Founded in 2003, the FTC® family business has established itself as a knitwear specialist in the premium sector. What makes FTC® unique is that the family manages the entire value chain – from growing the fodder for its own cashmere goats, to manufacturing processes and to the finished fashion styles. 

In order to guarantee the best quality, FTC® monitors the extraction of the raw material by its own employees. The extraction takes place in Shaanxi province. Not only do the breeding of Cashmere goats and the production of raw materials provide the economic basis for a large part of the population, but they also allow the inhabitants to continue living their centuries-old culture that is connected to nature. It is therefore only reasonable to process cashmere where this noble raw material originates.

Cashmere is a matter of trust. Today, FTC® is not only a cashmere brand, but also a cultural project with sustainable structures from correct breeding and husbandry to the final end product. FTC® is therefore very proud of all those involved in this project and the respect they have for each other. From farmer to customer, FTC® lives fair trade. Long-standing business partnerships play an important role in ensuring the consistently high quality of the products, as does constant monitoring of the standards of the goods.

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