Perfect combinations

Jackets that stand out from other brands in terms of style and materials. The materials that are used for the Montecore collection are in perfect combination with each other.

They use combinations as technical water proof fabrics combined with breathable characteristics.

Details with an elegance appearance

Montecore is a collection for those who seek for details with an elegance appearance. Their light down jackets are made from a new B-stretch fabric which is extremely comfortable to wear.

Montecore is the collection for those who seek for timeless simplicity with an elegant appearance combined with the technicality of an outdoor brand.

Lightness and functionality are the keywords for this Italian brand. Montecore is a part of the successful The Paolini Group Italia which is founded in the Marche region in Italy. The brands draws the inspiration from bikers till fisherman and all people with bold characters who like to be casual and relaxed. The perfect tailored sportswear that meets leisure with a consideration to fashion

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