Jackets for globetrotters

The downjacket is a style that will never go out of fashion, lightweight, wearable and full of comfort. A jacket for globetrotters who explore different cultures, for the new generation that is in constant mobility.

Save the Duck decided to re-develop this light down jacket and make the padding animal friendly from the high tech material Plumtech to stay in tune with the universe.

Weightlessness and softness

Plumtech is more than animal friendly, it is also warmer, has a very well breathability and is lightweight. All the fabrics that are used for the Save the Duck garments are made of high-definition nylon which guarantee weightlessness and softness. The fabric is thin however still resistant, because of the padding that guarantees wind protection, absorbs humidity and dries rapidly. It also guarantees Easycare washing and drying.

The downjackets of Save the Duck are full of colour, but also with prints and reversible models. All great for the environment that is the philosophy of Save the Duck ! Save the Duck was founded in 1914 in Italy by Forest sprl. Nowadays the third generation of the Bargi family is running the business and Nicolas Bargi is the person that developed Save The Duck. He decided that there should be a downjacket that had the same comfort as a jacket with goose down, but more animal friendly and that is why he started to use the Plumtech.

Plumtech imitates the softness and lightweight of down, while preserving the advantages of technological thermal lining and produced with limited encumbrance. He brought this animal friendly downjacket abroad and it is now an International brand.

Come over to try on the Save the Duck downjackets yourself.

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