About us

D-Lux Concept is a Internation Luxury Casual Fashion Agency
located in Antwerp since 2004.

Fashion Agency Antwerp

After building for 15 years international brands for a Dutch distributor, it was time for Camille Vermue to start and build his men/women Luxury Casual Fashion Agency.

Why Antwerp?

Because of his serious commitment to the retailers, market and his manufactures Camille was offered since the start in 2004 to distribute their brands for the Benelux. “Antwerp has become more and more the fashion centre of the Benelux. The easy access and local fashion network of designers, agencies and shops make Antwerp the ideal base for an international fashion agency.”


“The retailer in today’s business has to surprise and offer the right brand mix which perfectly anticipate on the demanding consumer. Also in the agency this means extra efforts and search for the perfect mix of complementary brands.” Camille’s passion for sales philosophies, brands and fashion makes his company growing.

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