Dynamic lifestyle

Luxury casualwear product full of innovative fabrics, high quality elegant, yet relaxed to wear. Those are the hallmarks of the Italian brand Peuterey.

This collection expresses a dynamic lifestyle from the urban city to the unpredictably nature scene, during an international business trip or a peaceful getaway.

A perfect balance

An informal, still impeccable collection with an eye for detail. All the material they use are ultralight and are full of high-tech fabrics. Peuterey always searches to develop the collection with a perfect balance between functionality, high performance of quality and comfort in every circumstances.

The name Peuterey comes from the most fascinated ridges of the Mont Blanc. The three dots in their logo represent its peak and are a symbol for a place where sky and earth meet and blend in together. It is all about the discovery of travelling around the world in practical, functional and timelessness casualwear. Peuterey has been developed by the Peuterey group in 2002.

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