Excellent artisanship

Mason’s is a casual luxury sportswear brand from Forte Dei Marmi Italy. It is a brand with an undeniable style that last through the years with the excellence of artisanship of Made in Italy.

The essence of the Mason’s character is a resistant and essential wardrobe of garments with the highest quality in style and materials.

For the Italian lifestyle

All products are related to their homeland Italy from the region Liguria to Tuscany where land and sea come together. Those unique views are a constant inspiration source of the collection.

Mason’s is a brand for those people that demand high quality and reflect their lives by the Italian lifestyle and who embrace the culture, fashion and artistic heritage of Italy. The inspiration of Mason’s brings us back to 70’s Italy- Livorno. The American trader was that was grounded here was a slice of America on Italian ground. It was a collection of military garments, gadgets by collectors who came and visit with passion or simple curiosity.

America was literally within reach of the community. It was in this precise context that Mason’s matured: creating garments that conserve the authentic characteristics, durability and functionality of military garments.

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