A new attitude towards luxury tailoring

It’s time to write a new chapter of the MOS MOSH history and welcome a little brother to the family. A men’s line – MOS MOSH Gallery. The inspiration comes from the simple Nordic look combined with Italian finesse. Sharing the same values as MOS MOSH when it comes to high quality garments, fit and our signature twist.

From the very beginning the vision was to make an internationally commercial re-thinking luxury brand. Every garment is carefully well-thought of down to every last detail. MM Gallery fully embodies the principles of timeless sophistication and relaxed elegance. The garments are made to be worn more than once; they are made to last.

The Gallery signature

We are known for making jeans, therefore, it only seemed natural to make collections with denim. It’s important to do what you are good at and then excel in it. We know how to make well-fitting garments in high-end fabrics and impeccable qualities, always with attention to details.

The tailoring is easily transitional and can be dressed up and down, depending on the occasion. The styles are made with comfort in mind, simply to make them comfortable for daylong wear, never compromising with the fit. Comfort should never be an excuse to abandon dress code all together, instead it should make life ever so slightly easier. There is nothing worse than a stiff suit you cannot move in or a shirt collar that digs into the neck. Therefore, we pride ourselves in our dedication to make garments with a relaxed elegance for the modern man on the move.

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