Hardworking relaxing men

Outfits for hardworking men to give them a time to relax: ‘time to de-stress’. The collection is based on a vintage causal look and feel with durable materials inspired by the traditional menswear.

Wearable garments with a balance between ‘casual cool’ and ‘dapper chique’.

Relax after a period of work or tension

Dstrezzed is the brand worn bij young adults and grown up businessmen. Outfits for everyday for everyone. The aim of Dstrezzed’s philosophy is to find a balance between work, social life & leisure in clothes that are comfortably and a pleasure to wear. All the products in the collection are telling you a story with an authentic character, because after all we get relaxed by luxury goods!

Dstrezzed felt in 2010 the urge to dress the modern working men and to create authentic menswear, but not losing the focus on details and comfort. The items are carefully designed and contain a mix between function and form all designed in the capitol of the Netherlands Amsterdam were all the cultures and people mix. The ideas of the collection are based on the hardworking men in the 50’s. In this period the first leisure garments started to grow.

The verb de-stress means literally ‘relax after a period of work or tension’. The double Z was added to the name to give it a playful twist and brings it to the modern days. Dstrezzed stands for traditional menswear translated to contemporary outfits with a joyful touch and reference to the past.

It is our pleasure to tell and show you all about Dstrezzed and their collection.

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